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  • Saturday, July 21 2012 @ 05:19 pm EDT
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We just got Jager, one of the best looking GSD's I have personally ever seen. He has a new home. 

Jager met the lady of his dreams and now hs a new mom and new home!  I will miss that beautiful dog.


Jager is a handsome black and tan, male GSD. He is house broken, neutered, likes cats and other dogs and is a striking animal at 120 pounds. He is totally healthy and has good hips from what we can see. He was temperament tested by us here with our hounds and he did very well. He has had some training but his owner was unable to care for him and turned him into us to re-home him after the death of her husdband.

Jager has been well cared for but was not exposed to many other dogs or people. He has some basic commands down but needs at least 2 levels of training in order to bond with a ndew master. He does go into a create but has issues with thunder and loud noises. He is doing fine through our afternoon showers and thunder but does have some issues there, none agressive or violent in any way, simply a bark.

If Jager looks like a dog that would fit your life style, please let us know.