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Ralphie first came to us about 9 months ago. He was an energetic 1.5 year old male, black and tan GSD with a soft and loving nature, but untrained.  We originally homed him with a great family who was new to dog training but immersed themselves in bringing Ralphie up to speed in basic obedience.  They came to find out that Ralphie seemed predisposed to reaction with other dogs and even brought in a personal trainer for him.  Ralphie is great with people.

When Ralphie was here at our home, we did not see any aggression or any predisposition to fear aggression to other dogs.  There are surely times when this trait comes out after a dog gets comfortable in his new home, but as far as we knew, he was just fine.  Ralphie is unbelievable with people.  He loves cuddles and being petted,  he loves everyone. He  is trained in the basics but he needs more work.  The owners ran him about 6 miles a day. He loves to jog and is great on the leash. When he is being exercised he does not chase or act aggressively to other dogs they meet, it is only when he is in the yard that he becomes (or we think he becomes) more aggressive towards other dogs. We would not recommend him with cats, but we have not tested him with them.

Ralphie is in excellent shape. He has had all shots, he is neutered and chipped.  Ralphie is currently being fostered but he is available to be seen any time a family may wish to evaluate him.  Both Diane and I feel Ralphie needs a strong owner with significant training sills and a strong alpha personality like Ralphie and we hope we can re-home him quickly.

The family that gave Ralphie up was devastated to have to make this difficult and heart wrenching decision, but as Ralphie was becoming disruptive to their lives, the decision was right for them.  If you feel you are a person who could work with Ralphie, please call us at 941 575 0243.