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Diane and I are anxious to see what 2011 brings.  We are hopeful that the stray dog population is down, but we know it will be up. We pray that the dogs we get are found before they are injured or left to die, but we know that is a condition of chance. Finally we have no doubt that the people who will find our rescue will be great dog parents and caring individuals who will adopt our pups and give them the quality care and forever homes they deserve.

We have just done our first adoption of 2011 to a great couple who have had GSD's before. They were fortunate to find Raj and to fall in love with her as we did.  Raj is atypical of the dogs we get because she was in great shape, no skin ailments or disease and social. many dogs we get are untrained and uncared for.  Remember that as a rescue we take them all with good temperments and try our best to find them the right home and parents.  We hope that if you have read over our site and have seen what we do, that you will recommend us to your friends looking for German Shepherds in Southwest Florida.

If you are looking for a great pooch and want to adopt a German Shepherd, please contact us for an interview to begin the process. 

 Well here we are now in Jan 2012, hard to believe but we did 52 dogs in 2011, not our record but we ar now at 163 for 3.5 years to effort adoptiong out German Shepherds.