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I am happy to report that Lucy has been adopted by two great people and will have a new sister.

Lucy is dog number 1 for 2012




We received Lucy today from a kind family in North Punta Gorda. They found her wandering on a road. Lucy was with them for 10 days and after exhausting all search options to find her owner, they gave her to us.  We have not determined yet if she was spade but we will check tomorow. Lucy is a porker, I know that not nice to say, but she has had a few too many treats and not enough excerise.

Lucy is about 85-90 pounds and has ...let's say a broad beam, to be kind. She needs to loose 20#'s and she will be at her playing weight. Lucy is a 3-4 year old black and tan female GSD. We tested her today and she is HW Neg.  Lucy is COMPLETELY TRAINED. She is totally housebroken, exceptional with other dogs, loves our cats and is outrageously calm around children.

The family that gave her to us has 2 twin boys about 7 years old and 2 cats. We had the privledge of observing her with all of them for a hour.  She was great meeting our dogs and cats and fit into our pack after about 10 seconds. She is crate trained, non confrontational and super calm.

We found out her name from her chip. We called the owner whose phone was disconnected and we called the alternative number who never returned our 5 calls. We assume that she was simply a dump. Her last address was in Venice. If you know who owns this dog and can contact them, please call us, but we are moving ahead and adopting her out as soon as we find a suitable family.

Lucy would be great with an older more sedintary family who may have grand-children to play with her and who can spend the time loving her. She is not an active dog and can make a tremendous companion. There is nothing to say about this beautiful girl except she is perfect in every way.  If you think Lucy may be right for your family, please call us at 941 575 0243 right away!