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  • Sunday, September 18 2011 @ 03:57 pm UTC
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You may have read previously that Onyx came to us scared and not very trusting.  After only two days she was seeking affection from us and putting her head in our lap for cuddles.  Sadly, Onyx has passed away today.  During her initial surgery to be spayed this week, the doctor noticed a problem with her spleen.  We tried to find the cause of the problem--cancer or something else.  A kind Surgeon took on her case and performed exploratory surgery today.  We are grateful for her help.  It turned out that there was actually a serious problem with her colon which could not be repaired effectively and  would have caused her much pain and suffering.  We all were in agreement not to bring her out of anesthesia and she passed in the hands of a friend.  We will all miss her gentle way and wagging tail. 

Both Di and I were somehow drawn to ths dog from the first. She was a special girl and we will both think of her along with all of the dogs we have lost over the years. Rest in Peace.