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We are pleased to report that Rocco has found a tremendous forever home with a great young family from Orlando.  Manny, Maylen, Eathan 6 and Eli 9 make up this tremendous family.  They wanted a yound GSD to grow and to raise their kids with. They met Rocco this afternoon and fell in love. "What's not to love?"  Rocco is a handsome male GS dog with all the right traits and temperament. As they learn to train him they will have a fantastic dog to be proud of.  We are thankful to peolpe like them who consider rescue a way to get dogs and not from pet stores or puppy mills. We know this will be a great fit and wish them all the best.


As a history,  Rocco came to us from Sarasota county where he was found as a stray. He was chipped but the owner failed to respond and he was confiscated and turned over to us. Rocco is a 65# male pure GSD pup, about 1+ years old. He is black and tan with a really good looking face markings. He is full of energy and as of this moment about to meet the BOYS and GIRLS of the Hoffer household. After meeting our boys and girls we see him as reactive and unsocialized. He may need a day or so to turn around because it is overwhelming here with all the new dogs, people, sounds and surroundings. He has already met our cats and Rascal and was somewhat reactive. He was total stable around our Golden and Aussie with no real reaction.  When they bark, I bark... or so goes the GSD credo. He just needs some time to get adjusted here.

 We know very little about him but from what I can see, he is a really good boy. He really likes people a lot and accepts authority readily from both Diane and myself. He listens and knows come, stay and sit even though we just named him this afternoon. He can gain about 10 pounds without showing it, but that is to be expected when dogs are dumped and have to fend for themselves on the street. He is housebroken or so we think based on how he acted in the shelter. he was neutered in early September. When he went through surgery we discovered some issues that were quicly resolved by our great Doc.  He recovered quite well and became available in mid September.

 If you think a dog like Rocco would be right for you and your family... and you are WILLING AND ABLE TO TRAIN HIM, please call us at 941 575 0243 to set up an interview for our next great Shepherd.