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One Pooch's update

Hello Erik and Diane.

Just wanted to update you. It has been 5 months since I came to live with my new Mom and Dad and I have adjusted beautifully. I am very happy with them and thank you for helping them find me. I completed my 6 week training course, but then Mom got a job teaching on Wednesday nights so she has been working with me on her own. I listen very well, even come to her when called now. I remember all my training including “house”, sit, down, come, heel, halt, stay and “leave it”. It is very hard when Mom takes me for ice cream on Sunday evenings....she sets the ice cream down and tells me to leave it. I drool a lot, but I leave it until she tells me I can have it. I even do what I am supposed to without treats – most of the time, anyway. I am glad to see that you are requiring training for adoptions now, it really is important and makes for much happier living arrangements. We German Shepherds are just too big and too strong to be out of control.

I do not get on the furniture or beds. I sleep outside my crate now, usually on the floor next to Mom’s side of the bed. After the very first day here, when I had an “accident” (I was VERY NERVOUS), I have never made a mess in the house. I have only “swiped” one chicken from the counter – it just smelled SO GOOD I could not resist!!!

My hair has grown in from where they shaved my back for the heartworm treatment, and I am looking very beautiful....everyone who sees me says so. Mom broke her ankle so our walks were kind of put on hold for a while, but I got some exercise chasing the squeaky ball and learning to return it to mom. We are back walking now that Mom is healed up. I go out to eat with Mom and Dad, they have been checking out dog-friendly restaurants, parks and beaches. This is a picture of me on the steps at Porta Fino restaurant in Port Charlotte.

Thanks again for helping me find a happy home. We tell everyone about the great work that you do.