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1.)I pledge to provide training for this new pet through an authorized socialized training program, either with this rescue or through an approved dog club. 2.)I pledge to provide my dog with quality food, appropriate medical care, required shots and flea and heart worm prevention for his entire life. 3.)I pledge to house my dog in my home and NOT outside. 4.)I pledge to have my dog seen by a veterinarian annually and to provide him or her with any medications needed to sustain his or her health. 5.)I pledge to give my dog adequate exercise and physical stimulation to keep him healthy and happy. 6.)I pledge to provide my dog with appropriate toys and mental stimulation to keep him happy and healthy. 7.)I pledge never to allow my dog to be a nuisance to others in my neighborhood or to allow my pet to run free without supervision. 8.)I pledge to provide guidance to my pet through consistent training and being his alpha, so as to establish rules and a code of acceptable conduct for him in my home and when he is among strangers. 9.)I pledge never to sell or transfer my animal without the express written consent of SWFLGSD Rescue, and I pledge to return the dog to Southwest Florida German Shepherd Rescue should I become unable to keep the dog for any reason. 10.)BEGINNING JUN 1 2018 OUR NEW ADOPTION FEE IS $350 EFFECTIVE 6/1/18 and $225-$350 for any we take in as give ups from owners based on the condition of the dog. If the turned in dog is not spayed or neutered the cost to take in a pet from an owner is $350 for a male or a female. If the dog is fixed the fee is $225. IF THE DOG IS HEART WORM POSITIVE AT THE TIME OF TURN IN THE FEE IS $500. It is further agreed that in the unlikely event that the owner cannot keep the dog for any reason that the dog will be returned to SWFLGSDRescue. BECAUSE OF OUR STATUS AS A FOUNDATON AND A 501c 3, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS IF THE DOG(S) ARE RETURNED AFTER 14 DAYS FOR ANY REASON. All money paid to SWFLGSDRescue or donated to the Hoffer Family Foundation are tax deductible and therefore considered as a donation. I agree that a breach of any of these items is sufficient cause for SWFGSDRescue to reclaim the animal. As the new owner you agree to honor that request should it become necessary, and turn the dog over to us upon a written request. Failure to do so will be legal grounds for us to seek remedy through the courts.