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For Good and valuable consideration, (Being appointed to FOSTER FAMILY) of which receipt is hereby received and acknowledged, the undersigned, OR the desire to assist us with volunteering at an event or other projects through the rescue:
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Voluntarily and willingly would like to foster or volunteer to help a German Shepherd Dog from the Southwest Florida German Shepherd Rescue, a division of the Hoffer Family Foundation Inc., whose address is 24156 Yacht Club Blvd., Punta Gorda FL 33955 in Charlotte County, hereinafter referred to a SWFLGSDRescue on the date above.

The German Shepherd Dogs names will change with the dog in question, hence any dog received by the foster or aided by the volunteer, known to the foster or volunteer to be a foster dog (or rescue dog through the SWFLGSD Rescue) and will be returned on request after the activity is completed.

The undersigned further understands and acknowledges the SWFLGSD Rescue is not a merchant, but rather a 501C3 service organization that shelters through foster families and rescues homeless or relinquished or otherwise homeless GSD’s and makes the dogs available to families and individuals for adoption. Now qualified and approved, your family agrees to take in or work with a dog from SWFL GSD Rescue and house or help train the dog in your home or on an event site while we find a suitable adopter. Should at any time the dog not fit in your home or for any reason be unacceptable to handle, you may call us at 941 740 0074 and we will take the dog back and replace it in another foster or kennel. We do require a specific reason for returning the dog so that we can learn more about the animal as well as your family’s abilities and conditions.

By signing this Agreement, it is acknowledged that your homeowners insurance policy may not provide liability protection or coverage for damages that may be caused by a dog fostered or helped by your from SWFLGSDRescue. SWFLGSD Rescue does not accept any liability for any reason associated with handling or housing of the animal. All responsibility is born by the volunteer or foster and The Hoffer Family Foundation and SW Florida GSD Rescue are held harmless in any and all situations involving the dog, damages, injury or other perils associated with the dog in your control. The rescue does provide insurance to cover the home and foster family for issues relating to the dog.

Unless specified, homeowner’s insurance policies do not provide to the dog owner from liability for damages to persons bitten by the dog of for any other damage the dog may cause to people, domestic animals or livestock. It is further agreed and understood that all responsibility and liability for damages resulting from any and all acts or omissions caused by the dog in your care are your responsibility. The insurance policy provided by the rescue to the foster will cover, less deductible costs, most issues to property or people or pets caused by the dog in your care. The foster or volunteer must insure that no harm comes to anyone while handling or fostering the animal and that they are responsible for the appropriate care and handling of the animal while in their home or at events.

The undersigned also agrees that the rescue will provide food and medical care for the dog, but it is your responsibility as the foster / caretaker of the dog, to take the dog to our clinic, or if a severe problem happens during off hours, to a 24 hour facility. Before that is done a call needs to be placed to the rescue to Erik Hoffer to advise us of the nature of the issue and a decision can be made as to the course of action. Fosters and volunteers are to use their best judgment based on the issue and animal.

The undersigned is aware that Florida has laws regarding damage done to people and property by dogs. Florida Statute Section 767.01 explains an owner’s liability for damages to persons, domestic animals or livestock and acknowledges that a copy of that statute is attached to this agreement. The undersigned is aware that Florida Statue 767.04 explains the dog owner’s liability for damages to persons bitten by a dog and acknowledges that a copy of that Statute is also attached to this agreement. By fostering or working with a German Shepherd Dog from SWFLGSDRescue, the undersigned legally becomes the person in control of that animal pursuant to Florida Statute section 767.11 (7) and acknowledges that a copy of that statute is attached to this agreement. Any of these Florida statute are also available on the internet.

SWFLGSDRescue does not make any claims or representations with any certainty as to the temperament, prior acts, emotional triggers, history, or propensities of the adopted dog, except that the dog is not known to be a vicious or dangerous nor has it demonstrated any such characteristic during the brief period of time that the dog has been in the care, custody and control of SWFLGSDRescue. The undersigned assumes any and all risks associated with the ownership, custody and control of the dog and shall not hold SWFLGSDRescxue nor the Hoffer Family Foundation nor its associates, officers or affiliates negligent in the event the fostered dog shall cause damage to a person, domestic animal or property regardless of location. Should culpable negligence be determined on the part of the foster or volunteer, our attorney will sort out a plan of action for the protection of all concerned. The insurance policy provided will address all financial and liability issues in concert with all parties.

In the event that the rescue dog causes damage to a person, domestic animal, livestock or property, the undersigned, as The Foster or handlers, releases from any and all liability or responsibility SWFLGSDRescue, The Hoffer Family Foundation, Inc. Erik Hoffer, Diane Hoffer, their heirs, successors, employees, agents, assigns and representatives, and the undersigned agrees to indemnify and hold harmless each of them from any claim, lawsuit, legal proceeding, loss, or damage caused by the acts of omissions of the adopted dog. Additionally any issues involving the rescue, on our site in Punta Gorda or in any venue where you are dealing with or representing the rescue in any capacity, you agree to hold the Rescue, The Hoffer Family Foundation or any representative of these organizations, harmless from any suit or legal action of any kind for any reason. If such a claim or lawsuit should be asserted the undersigned shall provide SWFLGSDRescue written notice of same and thereafter assume the expense to defend, protect and hold harmless SWFLGSDRescue, The Hoffer Family Foundation, Inc, Erik Hoffer, Diane Hoffer and any associate or board member or representative or their heirs, assigns and agents through our insurance carrier and legal representation. Insurance provided for the foster will address all claims.

It is further agreed that in the unlikely event that the foster cannot keep the dog for any reason that the dog will be returned to SWFLGSDRescue.

The Hoffer Family Foundation, Inc is in concert with SWFLGSDRescue in turning over a quality German Shepherd Dog to the foster for basic training and for temporary housing until an adoption is made. We cannot calculate when that will be, so it is in the interests of the dog and rescue to communicate any travel plans or times when fostering is not possible, and we will work with you to insure coverage. In doing so we have provided all shots, a chip, spay or neuter and other medical care needed by the dog while in our care and control. The foster may be asked to bring a foster dog to one of our clinics for shots, spays or medical attention, all of which is covered by the rescue at these facilities. Once adopted the owner accepts all financial responsibility for any condition the animal develops, latent or otherwise, but until the turn over to a permanent owner, we the rescue, through you the foster, assume that liability. In the event that the animal is being treated for Heart Worm, that treatment, or any other treatment begun when the dog came into rescue will be finished, at the expense of the rescue until that condition has been addressed. Those conditions can be ear infections, worms, heart worm, broken limbs or skin issues, shots or chipping. Each condition will be explicitly enumerated to you by the rescue at the time of (accepting a foster dog) or at the time of adoption. Your job as the foster or volunteer will be to insure the dogs medical care is maintained. Once adopted however the costs of medical care, licensing, treatments, food et al shall be the sole responsibility of the owner. Should an owner fail to provide the appropriate care for the dog, that dog may be recovered by SWFLGSDRescue upon demand in which case he would probably be returned to the last foster if possible. SWFLGSDRescue requires that our fosters actively stimulate the dog in their care and do whatever training may be reasonable and practical during the dog’s short stay with them.

If by chance a foster decided they cannot relinquish the dog and wish to adopt it Fosters get first choice and normal feeds and requirements.
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We, the new FOSTER’S or Volunteers agree to abide by all terms and conditions of the agreement.
Signed *
For SWFLGSDRescue Erik Hoffer
The rescue will provide Food, medical care at Gulf Coast Humane Medical Vet clinic(s) in Ft Myers, The Animal Welfare League in Port Charlotte, FL or ARC in Sarasota FL. If a crate if needed, a leash and collar will be provided to the foster if they need one. We will have fully vetted the dog for sociability before offering it to you and you have every right to reject the foster for whatever reason.

We operate with fosters so if you do reject having that particular animal please tell us why so we do not present an animal with similar traits to the ones you did not wish to have in a foster dog.