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BEGINNING JUN 1 2018 OUR NEW ADOPTION FEE IS $350 EFFECTIVE 6/1/18 and $225-$350 for any we take in as give ups from owners based on the condition of the dog. If the turned in dog is not spayed or neutered the cost to take in a pet from an owner is $350 for a male or a female. If the dog is fixed the fee is $225. IF THE DOG IS HEART WORM POSITIVE AT THE TIME OF TURN IN THE FEE IS $500.
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I understand that Southwest Florida German Shepherd Rescue cannot guaranty that this pet will be perfectly suited to your family or your home, nor that we know everything about the pet when we deliver him or her to you. It is your job as the owner to provide training, love and attention to the dog and to observe him or her for any unusual behaviors, health issues or situations that would make the pet unsuitable to your home or family. If the animal has health issues you agree to have them treated by your vet or if you cannot treat the animal appropriately, that you return him to us immediately. If you are unwilling to address any medical or behavioral issues through training or veterinary care, then you agree to return the pet to us for re-homing. You agree to hold SW Florida German Shepherd rescue harmless in any and all cases involving the dog adopted to you, regardless of issue. These issues are typically, but not limited to, the following areas; destruction of property, aggression toward people or pets, biting or any medical problems. I further agree that if for any reason I cannot keep the do, that he or she will be returned to SW Florida German Shepherd Rescue. I am further certifying that I Can afford the $1500 a year it costs to feed, license, medicate and train my pet?
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