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READ AND SIGN THE FORM BELOW: 1.) I certify that I am the rightful owner of this pet and I have the right to transfer ownership immediately to Southwest Fl GSD Rescue. 2.) I understand that I will be charged for this turn in at a rate of $225 for a neutered pet, $350 for an un-neutered pet and more if the pet is HW POS and all fees are at the discretion of Southwest FL GSD Rescue. BEGINNING JUN 1 2018 OUR NEW ADOPTION FEE IS $350 EFFECTIVE 6/1/18 and $225-$350 for any we take in as give ups from owners based on the condition of the dog. If the turned in dog is not spayed or neutered the cost to take in a pet from an owner is $350 for a male or a female. If the dog is fixed the fee is $225. IF THE DOG IS HEART WORM POSITIVE AT THE TIME OF TURN IN THE FEE IS $500. 3.) I expressly agree that SWFLGSD Rescue, its owners, volunteers, staff, employees, fosters or subcontractors will be indemnified from any and all legal actions relating to the transfer of this pet by me (the owner) regardless of the scope, location or nature of that legal action. 4.) I understand that SWFLGSD Rescue will re-home this animal to any person or family that they deem appropriate for the animal, based on their standard criteria, and will have the final say as to the suitability of that family unless expressly agreed to by both parties at the time of turn over. 5.) I certify that this animal has never been in any bite case, nor done harm to any human being nor shown aggressive behaviors of any kind to any humans during the time I have owned the pet. 6.) I certify that the vet and medical records turned over with the animal are accurate and truthful and my vets name and number are recorded below:
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