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APOLLO NEEDS A NEW HOME AND FAMILY Here is Apollo, he is an 8 month old semi long hair black and tan male GSD. He weighs in at about 80 pounds and he is a strong willed dog. He first came into the rescue a few weeks ago, but because of his energy, he was placed in rehab with Dale (our head trainer) in order to determine if his issues were due to some inert aggression, or just lack of training and the need for a strong leader in charge. It turned out he just needed a strong leader and everything else fell in place. This dog must go to a family who knows how to be alpha to him; and one who will provide the consistent training he needs. To insure that is done, a deposit of $500 is required. The training he needs will be both in a social class and individualized sessions. The bond will be $500, payable at time of adoption, and refundable upon his graduating from 2 classes. He will be neutered (Friday), HW Neg and has all shots. If you have the skill and can document that please reach out to us. We also recommend a fence yard and another young neutered dog as a companion. This is not an easy dog and requires time and consistency to get him to become the great dog he was destined to be. He has had no real discipline and as such made his own rules. You must change this in him and dominate his tendency to control by being the benevolent dictator and controlling his everything. He has had some basic practice with an E collar and a prong and has done well. He is people friendly but has to be introduced. he is dog friendly but here again it must be a reasonably calm dog. Cats are an unknown.

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