Erik Hoffer, Hoffer Family Foundation, asked a volunteer admin on his rescue Facebook page to step down as she was not following his rules. Before he could delete her his condition worsened ,she hijacked his page.

She then started to block the people Erik put in charge of the rescue. Namely Shari Waite, sue Ann ford and Cinnie Parkins.
She finally removed erik from his own site as well and told our members we had quit. She renamed the group after the Hoffer family requested she remove his name immediately.

We are not affiliated with our previous Facebook page anymore. We are devastated but will take time off from Facebook for a while as this has been quite an ordeal. We were able to save all the pictures and all the 705 members names and will invite you when we go back on Facebook at a later date!

The rescue is going strong and we will continue eriks work with these amazing dogs while he is ill.