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IF YOU WANT TO GET YOUR PET TRAINED, PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ENTRANCE INTO OUR NEW SATURDAY CLASSES. THESE ARE YEAR ROUND CLASSES FOR ALL BREEDS AND THEIR OWNERS We have just begin Saturday classes at our kennel site at 6230 Mellor Drive N Ft Myers FL. Rusty and Dee will be teaching the classes and they are open to all dog breeds. Please call us to register your dog. The fee is $165 for 6 sessions. Saturday classes will be held at 11ish in the morning and again at 3:30 ish in the afternoon. Please call for specific times and information. The classes will cover basic obedience and socialization skills and will focus on learning to properly correct and train your dog while there are distractions and other dogs present. We will only accept dogs with all shots and whose owners are focused on training results. For more information please call is for a registration form