If you are looking for a beautiful GSD puppy we have two perfect black and tan short hairs! They are both females. They will be spayed next week which is why if you are interested, act now or forever be disappointed. These girls are siblings and have been together since birth. That said we feel that we need to separate them because their bond for one another will supersede any other relationship and therefore they should go to separate homes.

The girls are named Foxy and Roxie. Foxy is in red and Roxie is in blue. Foxy is a bit more feisty but both are sharp and alert pups who will make any owner proud. They are about 3 months old and in perfect health. They are learning to pee and poo outside and that will be an important consideration in anyone willing to take them. Someone needs to be home all the time at first as they are babies and cannot hold it! In just a few weeks time they will be housebroken and then of course leaving for short periods of time is no issue. You will have to agree to training the dog and pay for that upfront. You will also need to get a prescription for Heartguard from your vet showing us that she is on heart worm prevention.

These girls were picked up as street strays and never claimed. They have beautiful markings and are very good with our six dogs. They are fine with our cats, but most puppies are. They will show us more about their respective personalities in the days to come. They do sit pretty well and they have learned to swim today on their own.

If you think you would like to take one of these bundles of joy, please call Erik or Diane for an interview at 941 575 0243.